Sunday, June 3, 2012

Do you want to go to the cinema tonight?

Can you imagine the day when going to the cinema, watching television or by browsing the web your consumer behaviour can be tracked, analysed and your future behaviour influenced?

There are already a lot of thoughts put into practice by web advertising companies to study your behaviour when you are browsing a webpage or using an application. Particular designs and patterns are developed to make visitors respond in particular ways.  Companies go to great lenghts to track you and analyse your behaviour, trying to get inside your head before you even know it. 

Earlier this year Time Warner opened a state of the art behaviour lab to study people’s emotions and reaction to a wide range of media platforms and mobile devices. MediaLab tracks emotion via biometric monitoring, eye tracking, blood pressure, heart rate and respiration to understand human’s emotions.

The lab is built on a neuroscience research done by Innerscope Search: “after being exposed to stimulus, a person unconciously experiences emotions before thoughts, feelings or actions.“ 

"The Medialab's cutting-edge technologies and the breadth of its research capabilities will give our businesses and ad partners an unmatched ability to look inside the mind of the consumer as we develop even more engaging content," stated Jeff Bewkes, Chairman and CEO Time Warner Inc.
The Time Warner's Medialab has the ability to utilize its research capabilities within live programing, CNN has already taken advantage of Warner’s research center.

… and whether you like it or not, monitoring your biometrics is here to stay. You may think it's cool or creepy, analyzing your biometrics are the new ways to track you and get inside your head.

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  1. Market researchers have been observing what people watch on TV for about 50 years now. The creepy part I imagine is not just observing what you watched, but rather how you felt watching it. Reading ones mind I imagine feels more intrusive that knowing what shows one watched.