Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Big companies towards biometrics: Facebook acquires Face.com

Facebook has announced its acquisition of Israeli facial recognition technology Face.com
Face Recognition
Last updates report that the price was between $55 and $60 million, in a mix of stock and cash. Thanks to this acquisition Facebook will have the possibility to finally include and improve mobile tagging for photos leveraging on biometrics technologies.
Face.com was funded five years ago and it is specialized in mobile facial recogition. Its technlogy could  allow users to upload photos to their Facebook profile on the go, instantly receive suggestions of whom to tag, and confirm the tags with one click.
The importance of this is related to the traffic on Facebook. By increasing the number of tags through mobile tagging Facebook will increase the engagement of users: once a user receives the notification that he has been tagged in a photo, he will probably go to Facebook and check it, incresing the number of visits and the traffic on the site.
It is clear that, after the $1 billion Instagram acquisition, Facebook is targeting mobile photos and the network of users which share them, creating a complete platform to win in the market of mobile photos.


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