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BioTime. Work time registering and ERP

Usually Russia does not promote itself too much on the world arena and limited news is available on local technical advancements.  Luckily for me I found a list of ways of application of Biometrics technologies in my homeland country.  

Nowdays presence of such technologies does not mean that any country is champion in innovation as it is not a complicated process to order and to buy. Nowdays Biometrics is already in use in many African countries which overall economic development is questionable. So let me use Russia as an example how biometrics can be used in standard city life.

Of course such an intro is not about any kind of technological leadership. Technologies are delivered by world’s leaders and their structure of ownership is not always transparent. The countries which apply modern technologies just need to reserve some amounts in their budgets. So my example of Russia serves here as a base for explanation of another application of Biometrics.

During 2012 several Russian companies reported on successful application or optimization of human resource management systems in different regions of Russia including clinics. The common idea comes from application of biometrics technologies integrated in the HR-module of the ERP system. Let’s take the example of Anturium clinic located in Altai region of Russia.

Nowdays the employees of the clinic are met by the terminals BioLink FingerPass. Touching the scanner at the terminal the system registers the time of arrival of the employee. The terminals translate the data through the time-registering module BioTime which in its turn generates 13 different reports. The clinic deals with aesthetic surgery and surrogacy which means that apart from registering working hours the system needs to signal if a surgeon stayed too long at work.  

BioTime module facilitates maintenance of the salary and personal taxes module. As an additional advantage, some businesses can back-up their choice to turn to outsourced specialists or correct schedules of employees according to their biorhythms.  By the way, in case one finger is damaged another “reserve” finger can be used for identification. The implementation projects usually have multi finger option for authorization. [The picture below shows an optical scanner for fingers]

The innovation has been supplied by the world’s expert and local leader in biometrics Biolink Technologies. The supply pack from Biolink contains the module of calendar planning to facilitate charts and policies for registering of working time in specific conditions of medical institutions. The module is fully integrated with the ERP what saves time of accountants. The technology is well ahead of the pass-card system as does not allow employees to use someone’s card and the fingerprint is always with us. Project implementation looked like one for implementation of software.

Similar systems for control of time schedules have been installed in Intersport (Sport goods multinational), Motom (Automotive dealer in lower Volga region); in a Suchi-bar in Irkutsk and a retailer.

Please have a look at the link with Biolink commercial that visually explains on how the system works.

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