Friday, April 20, 2012

Biometrics Rise


Welcome to our BLOG!

Iam sure you already figured what the topic of our discussion will be in the forthcoming months. We are a bunch of MBA students studying at Instituto de Empresa in Madrid and frankly we are having the best time of our professional lives, so decided to share a piece of this experience with you. 

Who are we?  Emma, Paco, Sushant, Alex, Diego and myself Bernadett. 

What is our aim? To talk about Biometrics. Share knowledge, experience, ideas, be inspired and inspire. 

Lets kick off the discussion! I am sure you remember September 11, 2001?

In the history of Biometrics technology we see this date to be a major turning point. Please follow the link to access a video which is pretty self explanatory as to what we mean:

Having watched the video, would you have thought, that Biometrics is not a 20th century phenomenon? Believe it or not its application goes way back to the caves. 
The oldest recording of the use of Biometrics was discovered in a cave located in France, the handprint is ought to be 32,000 years old.

 Chauvet Cave in France - 32,000 years old  Source:

The types of Biometrics: 

1. Behavioral (speaker, keystroke, signature)
2. Physical (Bertillonage, Fingerprint, Facial Recognition, Hand geometry, Iris scan, Vascular patterns, DNA)  

Application of Biometrics systems: 

National Security 
Homeland security and Law Enforcement 
Enterprise and E-government Services
Personal Information and Business Transactions 
Health Industry 

The above notes only to begin the discussion with. Im closing today´s post with Viki from I- Robot. Security, Control, Uniqueness, Intelligence, Verification, Beauty... 

What comes into your mind? 

In the 14th century merchants in China used fingerprints to settle transactions and applied fingerprints and footprints recognition to distinguish between children. By the mid 1800s as a consequence of the industrial evolution the clear need to identify people arised. The basic concepts of justice was developed by courts and thinkers of this period; which created a need for a formal justice system. The first two methods were the 
Bertillon´s model, measuring various body parts; the other was using fingerprints by police stations. 

However modern Biometrics systems emerged in line with the dot com boom and from then on it became the part of everyday life. 


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